Our Team

We love building trust among our community

Adriana Ulloa


Business Office Managment

Adriana Ulloa is charge of coordinating the various support services and personnel needed to ensure that an office runs smoothly. 

Currently getting her master in cyber security

Christian Ulloa


Chief Strategy Officer

Christian Ulloa is an executive who is responsible for assisting the CEO with developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives.

Currently getting his associates in cyber security

Andres Ulloa


Chief Creative Officer

Andres Ulloa is responsible for the overall look and feel of marketing, media and organization of the business.

Currently in the school of architecture.

Flor Davis


Flor Davis primary responsibilities are making major decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a company.


About Us

`We are a family business ready to serve you in anything possible. We are an experienced team and we are glad to be serving the community. Our sweet and charming team would make sure everything goes right. Our group service would provide you with a complete and unique assistance.

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